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Lagman Law Office

You are not Alone!

How to Divorce

How to Divorce – Cut Costs with a Sound Divorce Plan

 What Your Divorce Strategy?


Going through divorce is a an extremely trying time. It is a time when everything stops, yet at the same time moves forward at breakneck speed. Try not to be panicked. You are torn between movement and inaction. Just what do you do? There are things that you need to do now. But what?


Winning Your Divorce vs. Surviving Divorce


There are several things you can do. The first of which is to retain competent counsel to help you guide you on your way. That is where having just "any" lawyer can be worse than having no lawyer. There many questions, yet just as many answers.


Below are several of the most important questions and answers, but no written word information transmitted to you can compare to actually coming in and discussing your case with me. You will find my approach unique and beyond what most lawyers think about in helping their clients. I strive not just to "be your lawyer" but to bring you "into the bubble" so you can be adequately informed and participate in the most difficult time of your life. You still have a measure of control over what is happening to you you just need to know how and where to exercise that control.


Divorce – What It Means


A divorce can affect not only you, but your children, but your lifestyle, your long-term financial security and your legal rights. Contemplating divorce is difficult. Whether or not you decide to end your marriage, talking to me will help you to learn the basics of divorce law. Should you conclude that divorce is necessary, it is important to seek the assistance of a family law attorney-especially someone experienced.


Alabama is a modified "no-fault" state meaning that the parties only need to plead reconcilable differences to obtain a divorce. As a no fault state, conduct is relevant to issue such as the distribution of property and spousal support. Alabama is an "equitable distribution" state. The Courts take into account a number of factors in deciding how to distribute property, including determining what is nonmarital property, what is marital debt, and the financial needs of the parties.


From a legal standpoint, the divorce process will divide the couple's property; determine the future care and custody of their children; and give each person the legal right to marry someone else.


Division of Property


One of the most difficult and complex issues is the division of property at the time of the divorce. Many couples have a difficult time reaching an agreement about how to divide their property. The ultimate division of your property depends on the complexity of the assets and liabilities. In any divorce, especially one involving complex property matters, I can offer valuable guidance and advocacy.


Child Custody - The Care and Custody of Children


Your relationship with your children may need legal protection at the time of divorce. When the court determines child custody the judge will look at: the wishes of the child, the wishes of the parents, the child's need a relationship with each parent, interaction between parents and children, determination of which parent is more likely to allow meaningful contact with the other parent, the child's adjustment to home, school and community, mental and physical health of the people involved with the child and a parent's intention to relocate.


These are some but not all the concerns which most people have.


For an answer to each question call me to arrange a time when we can meet.

Question: What should I be doing right now?

Question:. How do I prepare for divorce?


Question:. What will happen to the children?


Question:. What will I receive/paying child support?


Question:. What kind of visitation will be in effect?


Question:. Who will get custody?


Question:. How will the property be divided?


Question:. Who gets the debts?


Question:. Who gets the house?


Question:. What does a divorce cost?



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