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Lagman Law Office

You are not Alone!

Henry Lagman

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Henry Lagman is an active trial attorney with concentration in areas of domestic relations, criminal practice, bankruptcy and DUI defense. He has over 35 years experience in many areas of the legal profession. You can benefit by his sensible approach to your legal problems. He believes that his client should have and can bring insight to their own cases. Organizing the facts and the law only part of what an attorney does. The goal is to have you prepared to meet this legal challenges you face. Your legal problems may have you confused and fearful of the consequences of the actions you may take. Henry Lagman has received his experience over 35 years "in the trenches". He has been a former president of the Shelby County Bar Association; is a well known Birmingham divorce attorney and  has been a featured speaker at the Alabama criminal lawyers Association – "A Day with the Experts". He has been respected and acknowledged by his peers throughout his career.





Makin' it Legal


Makin' it Legal is the name of my Blog. From time to time I will make a post in my blog to discuss things that may interest you. They will cover a wide range of topics not only of a legal nature but things that are nonlegal.


I will attempt to educate my clients as to the nature of the legal system and how they can win their legal matter. I hope to have it be stimulating. Please respond with questions so that we can maintain a dialogue.


I've always believed that you can be the best lawyer in the world, but if your client is not on the same page, they can take the stand all is lost. Many of my clients have heard me say that I want them "inside the bubble." By that, what I mean, is that they should understand what the case is about; what we are attempting to accomplish and how we are going to do it. From time to time this blog may seem incomplete and focused on only one area. But please do come back or suggest topics that you would like me to address.


Another goal is to serve as a training area for my clients. Only time will tell if it is effective.


Henry Lagman


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